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Favourites around the web. Fun and resources. Nostalgia. Reading I find beneficial.

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  • Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

    A thought-provoking book about human alienation from nature, and its consequences.

    "Ishmael is a half ton silverback gorilla. He is a student of ecology, life, freedom, and the human condition. He is also a teacher. He teaches that which all humans need to learn — must learn — if our species, and the rest of life on Earth as we know it, is to survive."

  • Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

    A somewhat esoteric starting point for someone looking to become free from their programming.

    "We are all giants, raised by pygmies, who have learned to walk with a perpetual mental crouch. Unleashing our full stature – our total brain power – is what this book is all about."




  • Nutritious Movement by Katy Bowman

    Katy is an advocate for natural movement over exercise in a culture ailed by increasing sedentarism.

    Her writing has helped me activate my body in a way that is authentically me, changing inner attitudes formed by forced 'Physical Education' that over time replaced the natural joy and freedom of movement in my childhood and adolescence.

Mental health

Disclaimer: I endorse these people's work not because I necessarily agree with everything they say, but because of the healing direction of their work as a whole.

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