panthera somnus


I'm constantly honing things, but bigger updates and new content will be shown here.


  • Turns out I don't really much like the word 'declutter' so I changed it to 'discard'.
  • Journal entry about a spider.



  • Added the date of creation and last update to the pages that I update often, such as lists.


  • Added a symbol () to differentiate external links.


  • Added a table of contents to the index page to motivate myself to work on things instead of just planning forever.


  • Added and moved some existing links to the resources section. The section for technology became redundant so I removed it for now.


  • Changed the colour scheme of the reading log to make things less monotone. Probably going to update other pages too.



  • Added my Matrix ID to the contact info.
  • Removed the diary page and merged it back to the journal. Still a bit unsure how to start displaying my writing. A journal might not be the right approach for everything I want to include.


  • Happy New Year! Added a reading log. My goal for 2022 is to spend less time on the computer and more time reading. My starter goal is to have at least 12 books in the read list by the end of the year, one for each month.



  • Drew a little header.
  • Changed the site name from gerty to panthera somnus. Updated my e-mail address.


  • Added a diary to the journal directory.
  • Removed music and videos from the top menu and moved them to the about page. Removed 'art' as well, might add a gallery for visual work later.
  • Added a section for resources in links.
  • Added some more music and a video. I'm going to stop updating about that because I add new ones so often. They'll just be marked with from now on.


  • Happy Yule. Added a section for nostalgia to the links page, some games too. I will be making a separate page for personal web nostalgia soon to dive deeper into it for old times' sake.

    Also thinking about ditching the top menu and integrating the links elsewhere – have them interact with the text perhaps – to make future layout changes easier, since Neocities doesn't allow headers and footers on separate files. Right now I have to revisit every single page to change something in the header. It makes creating new pages a bit of a pain in the butt.

    Also changed embedded videos to simple links earlier to make the media pages lighter.




  • Added two entries to the progress journal.
  • Made a page for updates.
  • Added a drawing. I'm going to figure out a better way to display images later (without the help of Javascript).


  • Contact info can now be found on the about page.



  • Added a video page.
  • Added a chatbox to act as a guestbook for now.
  • Added a music page.
  • Added a few new links. I'm saddened that my favourite flash games from the past don't work anymore. Maybe I'll figure it out when I have the energy.


  • I've made myself a corner on the web. However, I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet. Time will tell.